Author: Stacey

  • Spiritual Grit

    Grit: A positive, non-cognitive trait based on an individual’s perseverance of effort combined with the passion for a particular long-term goal or end state. Looking back, it’s interesting to me how I seem to always survive the worst storms in life like a pro. I always seem to pick myself up and keep moving forward. […]

  • Don’t Know What You Got ‘Til It’s Gone

    I moved again recently. When I filled out my application for my apartment I had to write down each and every address I’ve lived at for the last 10 years. Do you know how difficult that was since I have literally moved seven times since 2012?? It has been a long winding road indeed since […]

  • Lisa’s Blog #10 ~ Finished

    (Sharing my friend Lisa’s message she originally posted on Maundy Thursday. Have a blessed Easter! Stacey ~ iamalive) Today in my Bible reading plan I read John 19. This was about Jesus being flogged, mocked, crucified, and dying as a victor not victim. Although a day before Good Friday the timing is perfect because it […]

  • Begin Again

    Today I’m sharing a glimpse into the life of my 24 year old friend. I read Brandy’s post on Instagram this morning and I had no idea she was feeling quite this way lately. It was honest and inspiring and it made me think about the hills and valleys of life. She and I are […]

  • Destination Known

    I remember sitting at the auto shop one Saturday afternoon nearly 20 years ago like it was yesterday. You know, you’re sitting there in this little cramped area with several other people staring at a TV with a fuzzy screen that is playing a bad episode of Maury Povich or Matlock? A pot of burnt […]

  • Normal

    One morning I wake up as a child in Guatemala. The next morning I wake up in my “normal” world. ~ I am lying here awake but I have not opened my eyes yet. I can tell it is daylight because I hear birds chirping and the sounds of people talking outside. I hear a […]