Author: Stacey

  • Monday – Day 3 in Japan

    Today has been kind of a lazy day.  Noriko, Kazu and I went to a water park this morning to cool off.  It was a really big place and really crowded because of this hot weather.  My observation there was that you rarely see over weight Japanese people.  Tokyo supposedly has the highest life expectancy […]

  • Sunday

    Today we woke up early and had breakfast with Noriko’s Dad…I had not seen him since 2007 on my second visit here so it was nice to catch up 🙂  We got ready to go meet her brother Ken and his family at her mom’s cemetery.  It is tradition for the family to all go […]

  • I made it 🙂

    Today was a VERY long day but I made it safely to my friends house in Japan.  It started with a 3 hour drive Thursday to Indianapolis in the pouring rain.  I slept in the car for 4-5 hours before going to the airport (yes, I was safe 🙂 )  After departing Indy at 7am […]

  • Love

    I will be on an airplane beginning my very long journey in about 24 hours from now.  I am excited to be able to take such a trip but it is bittersweet because I hoped to be taking my significant other with me this time but instead I will be traveling alone.  Sometimes some things […]

  • Doing Something

    I was sitting at a stop light today and saw a lady in need with a sign “homeless please help.”  I realized I didn’t have any money except a handful of change in my cup holder.  I rolled down the window and gave her the change and told her I was sorry that was all […]

  • Countdown to Japan

    I leave in 4 days to take a long journey to visit my best friend, Noriko.  I am in need of her company right now and time spent with her and her family will be good for my soul.  She has been there for me through all of my ups and downs in my life […]