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I enjoy sharing inspirational stories in this space. I believe we each have an important story to tell. You might relate to some more than others but I guarantee you will find something helpful inside of at least one of these blogs.

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4/9/17 ~ Q & A with Ronnie Holly ~ Celebrating Sobriety ~ We revisited Ronnie’s journey after celebrating one year of sobriety!

Q & A with Ronnie Holly ~ Celebrating Sobriety

3/20/16 ~ Chris Mock ~ Apostle of Christ ~ A Love Story ~ Chris shared his video testimony that he gave on 1/19/14 on Sanctity of Life Sunday at Mt. Beulah Baptist in Windsor, SC. Chris lost his wife in a car wreck in July 2012 and he was severely injured and in a coma for six weeks. He has dealt with a lot of loss in his life and through his recovery since the accident he has found his message. He has spoken at 24 churches which resulted in at least 24 people giving their lives over to Jesus and becoming saved.

Lent Sunday 6 ~ Chris Mock ~ Apostle of Christ ~ A Love Story

3/13/16 ~ Luke Maurer ~ Sponsor a Child/Student Program ~ Luke shares his story from his latest mission trip to Central Asia where he served underprivileged children. While there he developed a sponsorship program. Please read his story and follow the link to Uncharted International and consider sponsoring a child in need.

Lent Sunday 5 ~ Luke Maurer ~ Sponsor a Child/Student Program

2/28/16 ~ The Story of Ronnie Holly Negus ~ Ronnie sent me her personal testimony about her recovery from alcohol abuse and how it has changed her life. You may have seen her on Real Housewives of Vancouver. She is a real woman doing her best daily with God’s help.

Lent Sunday 3 ~ Ronnie Holly Negus

11/19/15 ~ 1manzstory ~ I shared three entries from my friend and fellow bloggers website. He writes daily on his recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. I highly recommend subscribing to his blog to receive his daily newsletter. ~ Guest Blogger

11/12/15 ~ runningat40plus ~ I shared Lisa Stickel’s blog. Lisa is a single mom and business owner who writes about her faith and the struggles that go along with divorce. I recommend checking out her page as well as her Instagram page where she shares Bible versus and inspirational quotes and pictures daily.

Lisa Stickel ~ Runningat40plus ~ Guest Blogger

4/5/15 ~ Suicide Awareness ~ The Story of Austin Ray Mayfield ~ This blog is to share the story of Austin as well as the aftermath of his death on his loved ones. I went to school with his mom, Tara, and she is now a crusader for creating awareness. Please check out this important story.

Austin Ray Mayfield 1/29/94 ~ 8/29/14

11/15/14 ~ Work Under Pressure ~ The Effects of Bullying and Stress by Neil Moon ~ Neil shares his story of workplace bullying and how he almost lost his life to suicide because of it. He is on a mission to create awareness and shares his important video.

Work Under Pressure – The Effects of Bullying and Stress

11/6/14 ~ 45 Years ~ No Take Backs ~ I share the story a childhood my friend Erin Thomas Schyck wrote about her parents on their 45 wedding anniversary as her gift to them. It is a tribute to what makes marriage WORK in this day and age when over 50% of marriages fail. Please read this beautiful story!

45 Years – No Take Backs

7/11/14 ~ Michelle Renee Critser ~ Lord Give Me Strength ~ Since posting this blog Michelle’s video on YouTube has received over 2,000 views! She is a singer/songwriter who loves the Lord and wants to share what He has done for her through the music she creates. She has the voice of on angel…please check out her video. (She will be posting a new one in the near future).

Michelle Renee Critser – Lord Give Me Strength

7/4/14 ~ Praymorestressless ~ Jason LaRoi Smalls shares his faith on Facebook and Instgram and is on a mission to lead others to Christ by coming together in prayer. He sells bracelets to support his ministry…please read his story and support his cause.

Jason LaRoi Smalls – Pray More Stress Less

6/27/14 ~ Michael A. Diggs, Jr., aka Kalmi Whachawil ~ Michael is a self published author of two books including Perspectives and The Man Known as Prei that can be found on Amazon. Through his short stories and poetry he hopes to show people that there is more to life than despair. His work is based on personal experience and the Bible. Please check out his message.

Michael A. Diggs, Jr., aka Kalmi Whachawil

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