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~ Welcome!

Are you interested in sharing your story on my blog? I am seeking interesting, inspiring people who want to promote anything that will contribute to making the world a better place.  Artists, actors, activists, writers, musicians, missionaries, ministers, survivors, etc. (Or ordinary people like myself!)

What I will do for you:

I will write a biography or story (500-1000 words) about your cause and post it on this blog website with pictures and links to your social media accounts or website. (You may choose to write your own story/testimony and I can write a short introduction).

After published, I will promote your story for one week on my Twitter page ( which currently has nearly 30K followers and is growing daily. I will also share it on Instagram and Facebook.

What I need from you:

~ A completed questionnaire that I will send you and you will return to me. (We may also arrange a phone interview or Skype chat if necessary).

~ Additional comments or information that you would like to include in the story that were not asked on the questionnaire.

~ Links to your social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, iTunes, Website, Email etc.  (Whatever you want to share!)

~ A photo or favorite quote.

~ A fee of $95 to be paid via PayPal prior to publication. If you would like your blog promoted for an extended time, rate will increase.

Click the Inspiring Stories tab for samples. If you are interested, please email me at:

Looking forward to working with you!  🙂


Stacey ~ iamalive


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