I will be on an airplane beginning my very long journey in about 24 hours from now.  I am excited to be able to take such a trip but it is bittersweet because I hoped to be taking my significant other with me this time but instead I will be traveling alone.  Sometimes some things that we really want are just not meant to be.

I witnessed an amazing thing last night.  A dog who had puppies the day before was able to nurse puppies from a different mommy who had given birth to her litter a week earlier. (I hope that makes sense 🙂 ) The adopted mommy was in discomfort because she only gave birth to 2 puppies and needed relief because she had too much milk.  It was awesome to see the “adopted mom” take in the “strange” babies to nurse and vice versa.  There was such a gentle loving innocence about it.  It reminded me that love knows no bounds.

I wake up this morning not thinking about puppies exactly but thinking about love.  If you love someone you fight for them.  You never give up.  Sometimes you have to let go if they do not receive your love…but at least you know in your heart that you tried.

Today I am thankful for LOVE 🙂

2 thoughts on “Love

  1. stacy

    Dogs have such an innocence about them, that is why I foster….it’s an unconditional love that most humans do not have! I’m glad you are here so you can experience the whole foster thing…it truly melt your heart!


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