The Power of Words

I moved recently and I finally got around to buying a dry erase board for my frig. My ADD is out of control these days and I have to write things down immediately or they’re gone forever. (Or at least until the next time I need worcestershire sauce).

So I wrote a couple of needed grocery items down today. I also started another new practice of writing things down on notecards. The words on these notecards consist of positive messages to myself. I’ve been taping these messages in places around my apartment where I will see them on a daily basis…mainly the bathroom. 🙂

This afternoon I thought of a word I wanted to write down on a notecard but my cards were upstairs and I was downstairs. Thankfully I have that new handy dandy dry erase board for my grocery list hanging nearby in my kitchen. I ran in the kitchen before I forgot and wrote down my positive word to myself beside my grocery list. But then more words starting popping up into my head. The more words I wrote, the more words came to mind. After frantically writing for a minute or so, one last word popped in my head: BEAUTIFUL.

Tears came flowing down as I wrote that last word. It was probably the most important one maybe because it was the hardest to accept. It has always been the hardest word for me to accept. And I am not referring to physical beauty. I am referring to beauty on the inside as well.

I always TRY to start my day in a positive mindset but it seems like every single day the negativity creeps in and takes control before I even take a step outside my front door. Before I know it I am having an argument in my head about how stupid, ugly, and unworthy I am…among other things. It is crazy how words can change your mood in an instant isn’t it? The words you speak to others are certainly important, but if you don’t speak politely to yourself you are no good to anyone. Especially yourself.

Today I am embracing my beautiful self and when I start feeling “ugly” again, I have a reminder written down in front of me that the devil is a LIAR and he will not have his way with me today!

The positive words that came to mind were words sent straight from God. The words he uses to identify me are positive and gentle, yet powerful. And those are the only words that really matter.


Stacey ~ iamalive

3 thoughts on “The Power of Words

  1. Bert

    After reading several of your blogs, I’ve reached the conclusion that you have a beautiful and sensitive heart.
    Your love and honoring of your parents as an adult is so exceptional in this self-centered world.
    You love God’s little “critters” with the same kind of love and care I believe Adam and Eve had for them in Eden.
    Many of your life experiences you’ve shared resonate with my own — especially about being in relationships where you never remember hearing someone say (and mean) “I Love YOU — ALL of you — ALWAYS!”
    God will give you that one day, if you stay resolved, faithful and close to Him.
    I promise! So does He.
    “For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.”
    Psalm 84:11
    Stay STRONG and WELL.
    Kind Regards,

    1. Stacey Post author

      I’ve been praying for encouragement lately…you have no idea how much your words mean to me!!! Thank you so much!



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