Today is my mom’s birthday. She would’ve been 77. She died just 9 days shy of her 60th birthday in 2003. I miss her. I have a nephew getting married today in Pennsylvania. Wish I was there. Found out one of my great aunts passed away yesterday. She was almost 102 years old. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned since turning 41 in 2013 and I began to “wake up” is that nothing stays the same forever. Change is inevitable and no matter how difficult it is or how hard you fight it, life goes on. People are born. People die. People get married. People get divorced. People leave your life that you thought you couldn’t live without and would always be around and others show up out of nowhere like magic that you never knew you needed. It’s kind of amazing and beautiful when you think about it all. I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. God has a big plan for all of us. I’m finally at a point in my life where I’ve surrendered all and just trusting Him.

Happy birthday, mom. Never knew you were a duck hunter. Maybe you’re shooting ducks in heaven right now. But more likely smoking a cigarette and drinking a coke and eating a Hershey bar with almonds… and laughing. You had the best laugh. ❤️


Stacey ~ iamalive

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