Relaxing day

IMG_1579Today was a very relaxing day…I was able to sleep late for the first time since I have been here.  I had cereal for breakfast, took a shower and sat outside with Kazu and read a book while he played in the pool.  Noriko and Aki were gone today and her brother and family came to pick up her dad, Kazu and me for lunch.  We went to a place nearby called Johnathan’s which was basically a Japanese version of Denny’s.  I am glad they had pictures of the food on the menu!  I can communicate with dad for the most part but sometimes it is difficult.  Without Noriko with us, there is no interpreter.  Listening to them all speak in Japanese at the table I started to zone out and I have no idea what the conversation is until I hear my name and then I perk up lol  It feels like being on a different planet here sometimes.  No where near the culture shock as my first visit but it is still so very different.  Anyway, I ordered safely and had pizza 🙂  Her nieces are the cutest little girls ever and I enjoyed watching and listening to them.  I shared an ice cream dessert with Kazu and then started to get a headache/dizzy…I don’t know if it is the heat and humidity here or what but I took a big nap when we returned home.  Then Kazu woke me up for dinner!  I do feel like one of my cats right now…all I do is eat and sleep 🙂  I am getting some needed rest though so I am not complaining.  Dad is a very good cook.  He made baked salmon covered with roasted almonds, sugar snap peas with pork and garlic, rice, and seaweed soup.  Everything was delicious except for the soup!  It was really bland and had the consistency of snot lol…so hopefully I didn’t offend him but I had to pass on the soup.  I have just taken a shower and now ready for bed.  Noriko is off work the rest of the time I am here so I will be busier now.  She planned a trip to Okinawa for just the 2 of us for 3 days and we leave on Saturday.  I will be taking a Japanese flight for the first time and get to go to the beach…very happy about that!  I am extremely spoiled here…I feel so blessed to have such a good friend.

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  1. Farris

    Sounds like you are having a great time and I am glad you are…Enjoy every minute of your time there…Before you know it, the time will be over and you will have wonderful memories..


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