Day 6…Food day!

IMG_1629IMG_1592 IMG_1597I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to eat much on this trip…I was wrong!  This morning Noriko and I went to a pastry shop…this place was gorgeous with all of the fresh pastries and smelled SO good.  We brought back breakfast and got ready for our day out with Aki and Kazu.  We left around 9am and drove about one hour to the middle of “pear country” to visit H.C. Andersen Park.  The city where the park is located, Funabashi, is a sister city to a city in Denmark where H.C. Andersen was from.  The buildings were dutch style and in the middle of the park was a wading pool for kids with fountains and playground equipment etc. We spent a couple of hours there relaxing while Kazu and Aki played in the water and cooled off.

After the park we went to the mall and had a BIG buffet lunch.  I ate way too much but the food was excellent.  Of course my favorite pastime is eating so I am really enjoying the different places we are going and food I am getting to experience there.  After lunch we did some shopping…it was a gigantic mall with every store you can imagine.  It was fun to sit and people watch there.  The last stop was the 100 Yen shop (dollar store).  I did find a few souvenirs that I needed to get today so it was productive shopping.

After a long morning and afternoon…we arrived home and Mr. Watanabe prepared dinner for us.  I was not hungry at all but I ate once again!  Noriko’s Dad is an excellent cook…and he goes to a lot of trouble to make dinner for us.  I have not been taking pictures of the food he has been preparing but should have.  Anyway, I am so full and sleepy and it is only 730pm here and I am ready for bed. I am actually feeling guilty like I do not deserve to be here experiencing these things.  I realize how fortunate I am and do not take it for granted.

I think I am finally adjusted to the time change here…about 14 hours ahead of home.  I leave one week from today…it will be here soon enough.  I have a lot of great memories so far.  I am missing my loved ones and my cats!  Noriko’s cat “Panda” finally made friends with me this morning for a few minutes…I felt so honored 🙂

Today I am thankful for never having to go hungry.  I really do not understand why God has blessed me the way he has but I am truly thankful.

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