Michael A. Diggs, Jr., aka Kalmi Whachawil


“The giving of gifts has become common place

Amongst those that know the principle of receiving

You only get back what you put out

So sow the seeds of the crop that best feeds you”

-Kalmi Whachawil


I am excited to introduce you all to my friend Michael A. Diggs, Jr., aka Kalmi Whachawil (formerly aka Prei).  Michael is 34 years old and resides in Lakeland, Florida.

Michael is a talented writer and is the author of two books, Perspectives and The Man known as Prei.  He has enjoyed writing poetry and short stories since he was in the 5th grade.  He also has a blog website where he shares his thoughts and focuses on biblical living with the principles found in the Torah. His book of poetry called Perspectives is his most recently published work.  While he does have an earlier book, The Man Known as Prei, he considers his latest work a more serious attempt.

Michael believes his poetry and short stories allow people to see that there is more to life than despair.  Much of his work is inspired by a combination of the Bible and personal experiences, and the growth that has come from them.  Even if they only change one person’s life for the better, Michael believes the world as a whole will become a better place.  Michael sees the world as an all-inclusive place.  By this he explains that he is able to take the various things he learns and balance them against his other experiences to come to a unique conclusion.  He genuinely cares about people, even while sometimes keeping his distance…he would like to see everyone doing the best they can and achieving their best, be it in business or their personal lives.

I encourage everyone reading this to click on the links below and check out Michael’s work.

Books for purchase on Amazon:  Perspectives http://amzn.com/1494910551   The Man Known as Prei http://amzn.com/1418404756

Blog website:  kalmiwhachawil.wordpress.com

Email:  For writing inquiries kalmiwhachawil@gmail.com   For business inquiries mdiggsenterprises@gmail.com 













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