Jet Lag and Horoscopes

My body clock is way off…it is 2am here in Japan and I am wide awake researching “who am i?”.  I know a lot of people are skeptical but the more I read about astrology the more I understand…a lot of it does make sense.  Sharing my sign below…it is for the most part right on.


Aries – The Ram
March 21 – April 19
Aries people are creative, adaptive, and insightful. They can also be strong-willed and spontaneous (sometimes to a fault). Aries people can be driven and are very ambitious often making them over-achievers in anything they set their mind to tackle. Aries are fire signs, and so too is their personality. They may be quick to anger, but don’t take it personally, it’s just their fiery, passionate personalities showing through. Aries signs have excellent sense of humor, and they get along with almost everyone at the party (and they DO know how to party). Aries can be impatient, but we love them anyway because they are devoted friends, lovers and family members – they are loyal to then end and will fight for their causes (usually supporting the underdog).

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