You Sit, and You Love

I visited my dad at the nursing home today and while I was there I shared a post on Facebook. It was sort of personal and after I posted it I thought it should have been a blog post instead. So, I decided to share it here as well. Someone commented after reading it that “you sit, and you love.” That made my heart feel full. I was glad I decided to share it.

Blessings, Stacey ~ iamalive

“I’ve been coming to this place for over 10 years now…usually on Sunday if I can. And we do this. Sometimes we sit outside if the weather is nice. My life probably doesn’t seem “normal” to a lot of people. I’m not married anymore and I don’t have kids. But I’m a caregiver still. My dad and my cat give me purpose. I lived and loved a lot in my 20s & 30s and although I don’t want to stay in this place in life I find myself in lately forever…I’m thankful for it. My niece turned 30 yesterday and she told me it’s her last birthday. I told her no, you have about 10 good years left. (Lol) But really…I do believe life begins at 40. It’s been great to finally know who I am again and what I want…not living life based on someone else’s expectations. And I think I’ll be a better partner in the future if that’s ever God’s plan for me. Until then, I sit.”

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