Lisa’s Blog #12

Sharing another message from my friend Lisa Millman. This same subject was on my mind yesterday because of a different but similar picture I saw on Facebook. So when I read her post, I had to ask her if I could share it. It’s powerful. Blessings, Stacey

“Can I say my heart has been burdened all day by what this picture represents. In church today, Jimmy Scroggins showed this award winning photograph by Kevin Clark. Kevin would take these pictures and go about getting awards, dinners, etc. Then people would ask him what happened to the child, etc. It haunted him to the point of despair that he ended up taking his life in 1993. I did some more research and found his suicide note. What Jimmy said today though stopped me in my tracks. How many people am I leaving crawling in the dirt of brokenness while I go about my life? Wow. I can’t save people. That is something only Jesus can and will do. I can encourage people to turn from their sin and believe. Not condemn. Not enable but simply love. Point then towards Jesus. Forgive me, God, when I have ignored people like the child in this picture. They were not desperate for food but desperate for you. The enemy is like the vulture in this picture. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came for us to have an abundant life. So know the enemy will do everything he can to get you to a point of despair. Oh God, help me be a light to those people. This broke me today.”

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