20 Things I Learned in 2020

1-I need to stay away from pet stores. I went to buy wild bird seed in July and came home with another new cat. I LOVE him. Three cats is my limit though. 

2-Orange (peach) colored cats shed terribly.

3-Stock up on toilet paper at all times. This one is obvious.

4-There is a reason for everything that comes and goes from our lives. Jobs, people, everything. Find comfort in the fact that things not meant for you will fall away and the things meant for you will find you when they are supposed to. I’m not sure this is a direct result of 2020 but something I’ve just accepted this year. 

5-The pandemic has actually made some things easier, especially for introverts. We hate going into crowded stores and suddenly most places offer online ordering and curbside pickup now. This would have saved me a ton of panic attacks had this service been offered in my 20s and 30s. DoorDash, Grubhub, Instacart are amazing services as well…you don’t even have to leave your house for a cheeseburger anymore.

6-Don’t take spending time with your loved ones for granted. Not that I have, but actually, I kinda have. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been able to see my Dad face to face since March. Before that I visited him at least once every week or two since he was admitted into the nursing home in 2008. When I was finally allowed to visit him for 30 minutes back in the summer (through a plexiglass booth while wearing a mask and face shield and he didn’t even recognize me at first) I cried. Looking forward to being able to give him a hug again, someday. 

7-“Movements” that take place in the United States of America tend to divide people rather than unite them no matter what the original intentions were.

8-I hate to bring up masks because I hate wearing them but it’s another obvious one. You can basically roll out of bed and put a mask and face shield on and go out in public looking like you’re dressed for Halloween and nobody will bat an eye or think oddly of you. IT’S SO WEIRD.

9-Check the diameter of the base of your new Christmas tree before you bring it home. 

10-You can cook pasta in the microwave if you have to go without a stove for two months. Also, don’t advertise your old stove on Facebook marketplace and sell it the same day if you don’t know when your new appliances will be delivered. Don’t assume anything will arrive on time anymore for that matter. Pandemic = everything is on backorder.

11-No matter what side you’re on regarding politics, nobody really “wins” elections anymore.

12-You can survive an entire year without attending a concert. Seeing live music is one of my favorite things to do though so I really HOPE this changes in 2021. 

13-A frozen glass container of roast beef dropped out of the freezer directly on your big toe hurts like HELL. And then people look at you like you’re crazy for wearing a boot the ortho doc gave you for the broken toe. But you learn to not worry about what people think because if they ever drop a cement block on a toe someday they will understand…although I do not recommend or wish that on anyone.

14-You really are one decision away from a different life whether it’s a small thing like choosing to eat sugar again after abstaining for 14 months (Yes, I did and I’m starting fresh again in January but for now I’m enjoying some chocolate) or making the decision to move from an apartment you rent to a house you purchased.

15- You can’t always have everything you want. And sometimes you get things you don’t want. God really is the only One in control. Might as well let Him do His job and step aside. Let life surprise you. The ride has no meaning if there aren’t a few bumps along the way to make you appreciate the good parts.

Ok, so I was going to make this 20 things I learned in 2020 but I changed my mind. So I guess this can technically be number 16. You always have the right to change your mind and do something different. Starting over completely is always an option. Every single day. Not doing anything at all is an option too. Stillness is a choice. We have all probably actually learned hundreds of things this year! But I think we’ve also learned to be still a little more and to be ok with it.

We made it through the best we could so there’s no need to look back. Looking forward to new adventures and experiences. Happy 2021. 

Peace and Blessings,

Stacey ~ iamalive

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